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NABC Report 27: Stewardship for the Sustainability of Genetically Engineered Crops:
The Way Forward in Pest Management, Coexistence, and Trade


NABC 27: A Focus on the Issues
(Gary A. Thompson, The Pennsylvania State University, Ralph W. F. Hardy, NABC)


Thinking across Time: A 20-Year Perspective on Biotech Policy
Kathleen A. Merrigan, George Washington University
What Are the Major Impediments to Resistance Management for Crops in the Social Sciences and Governance?
Richard Roush, The Pennsylvania State University
Coexistence of Biotech, Organic, and Conventional Crops: Facts, Issues, and a Path Forward
Greg Jaffe, CSPI Biotechnology Project
Agricultural Biotechnology: Facilitating Trade for Food and Feed
Sharon Bomer Lauritsen, Office of the US Trade Representative (Powerpoint)


SESSION I: Resistance Management
Regulating Resistance
Jack Housenger, US Environmental Protection Agency (Powerpoint)
Resistance Management for GE Crops: Industry Principles, Policies, and Programs
Nicholas P. Storer, DOW AgroSciences LLC
Herbicide-Resistant Crop Management: A Canadian Perspective
Hugh J. Beckie, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Centre, Saskatoon (Powerpoint)
Q&A Resistance Management

SESSION II: Coexistence
Coexistence: The University Role
Carol Mallory-Smith, Oregon State University (Powerpoint)
Segregating GMO Crops—Cultural and Functional Challenges
Lynn Clarkson, Clarkson Grain Company (Powerpoint)
Coexistence in the Oregon Seed Industry
Greg Loberg, West Coast Beet Seed Company
Q&A: Coexistance

SESSION III: Trade and Markets
Trade and Markets for GE Crops: A USDA Perspective
Michael Schechtman, United States Department of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service (Powerpoint)
Enabling Coexistence: Balancing Innovation and Market Access
Randal Giroux, Corporate Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Cargill Inc. (Powerpoint)
Worlds Apart on GMOs—Can Trade Agreements Bridge the Gap?
William A. Kerr, University of Saskatchewan (Powerpoint)
Q&A: Trade and Markets

SESSION IV: Social and Economic Dimensions of Sustainability
The Structure of US Agricultural and Food Research, with an Emphasis on Seed-Biotechnology Research
Paul W. Heisey, United States Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service (Powerpoint)
Understanding the Social Controversies over Agricultural Biotechnology
Rick Welsh, Syracuse University (Powerpoint)
Do American Consumers Want GM Food Labeling? It Depends on How You Ask the Question
William K. Hallman, Rutgers University (Powerpoint)
Q&A:Social and Economic Dimensions of Sustainability

AC21—The Journey to Coexistence
Russell C. Redding, Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture
Sustainability of Genetically Engineered Insect-Resistant Crops: A View from the Fringe
John F. Tooker, The Pennsylvania State University

CONCLUDING SESSION: Putting It All Together
Moderator: Steve Pueppke, Michigan State University
Panelists: Greg Jaffe, CSPI; William Kerr, University of Saskatchewan;
Andy Hedgecock, DuPont Pioneer; Tony Shelton, Cornell University

Bastian Minkenberg and Jade Newsome


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