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NABC Report 17: Agricultural Biotechnology: Beyond Food and Energy to Health and the Environment

  1. Introduction
  2. Meeting Summary
  3. Breakout Sessions
  4. Plenary Sessions
    1. Controlling Traits in Transgenic Plants: Tools that Enhance Value and Reduce Environmental Release (Roger N. Beachy)
    2. Can You Get There From Here? Speed Bumps in the Road To Health And Environmental Biotech Applications (Michael Rodemeyer)
    3. Panel Discussion / Q & A
  5. Modules
    1. Module I: Plants as New Sources of Medicinals: Production of Protein Pharmaceuticals in Food and Non-Food Plants
      1. Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals: An Overview and Update (H. Maelor Davies)
      2. Opportunities and Challenges for Plant-Based Vaccines (Schuyler S. Korban)
      3. Panel Discussion / Q & A
    1. Module II: Bioremediation, Phytosensing, and Ecorestoration
      1. Systems Agriculture: Towards a Sustainable Agricultural and Environmental Policy (Bruce W. Ferguson)
      2. Plant Transformation Pathways of Energetic Materials (RDX, TNT, DNTs) (Jong Moon Yoon, David J. Oliver and Jacqueline V. Shanks)
      3. Engineering Forest Trees with Heavy-Metal Resistance Genes for Phytoremediation (Scott A. Merkle)
      4. Panel Discussion / Q & A
    1. Module III: Gene-to-Product Development
      1. The Application of Biotechnology to Sustainable Forestry (Maud Hinchee, Les Pearson and Dawn Parks)
      2. Understanding Gene Function and Control in Lignin Formation In Wood (Vincent L. Chiang)
      3. Commercialization of a Protein Product from Transgenic Maize (Elizabeth E. Hood and Susan L. Woodard)
      4. Panel Discussion / Q & A
    1. Module IV: Regulation, Consumer Acceptance, and Risk Management
      1. Regulating Pharmaceutical Plants: Meeting the Challenge (Cindy Smith)
      2. Liability Prevention and Biotechnology: A Brief History of Successful Industrial Stewardship (Thomas P. Redick)
      3. Biological Confinement of GEOs: Opportunities for Reducing Environmental Risks? (Kim Waddell)
      4. Panel Discussion / Q & A
  6. Banquet And Luncheon Presentations
    1. The Nature of Change: Towards Sensible Regulation of Transgenic Crops Based on Lessons from Plant Breeding, Biotechnology and Genomics (Wayne Parrott)
    2. Creating the Proper Environment for Acceptance of Agricultural Biotechnology (Gregory Jaffe)
    3. The Importance of Stewardship in Agricultural Biotechnology (Michael J. Phillips)
  7. List of Participants