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NABC Report 15: Biotechnology: Science and Society at a Crossroad (2003)

  1. Meeting Summary: Highlights of NABC 15, Biotechnology: Science and Society at a Crossroad (Sandra Ristow, Eugene A. Rosa, & Michael J. Burke)
  2. Workshop Report: The "Break-Out" Session Workshops (William Lacy & Allan Eaglesham)
  3. Modules
    1. Module I: Keynote Addresses
      1. Lessons Unlearned: How Biotechnology is Changing Society (Lawrence Busch)
      2. Biotechnology: Cause and Consequence of Change in Agriculture (R. James Cook)
      3. Panel Discussion (Philip Bereano, Karla Chambers, Eugene Rosa)
    2. Module II: Sustainability, Environmental, and Production Issues
      1. Therapeutic Intervention Versus Restructuring the System (Frederick Kirschenmann)
      2. Biotechnology on Rural Landscapes (John R. Anderson, Jr.)
      3. New USDA-ARS Research in Biotechnology Risk Assessment (M. Kay Walker-Simmons)
      4. Panel Discussion (William Boggess, Brewster Kneen, Kurt Volker)
    3. Module III: Consumer Issues and Trade
      1. Consumer Attitudes and Willingness to Pay for Genetically Modified Foods: A Cross-Country Comparison (Jill J. McCluskey, Kynda R. Curtis, Quan Li, Thomas I. Wahl & Kristine M. Grimsrud)
      2. Regulating Biotechnology: GM Food Labels (Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes)
      3. Traceability and Trade of Genetically Modified Food (Peter W.B. Phillips)
      4. Panel Discussion (William Aal, Gregory Jaffe, Cathleen Kneen)
    4. Module IV: Biotechnology: Applications for Agriculture in Developing Countries
      1. Insect Resistant Maize for Africa: Lab to Field and Challenges Along the Way (David Hoisington & Christopher Ngichabe)
    5. Module V: Caution at the Crossroad: Evaluating Paths to Assure Sustainability in Agriculture
      1. Preliminary Remarks (Charles Benbrook)
      2. The Precautionary Principle: Making Wise Decisions in an Uncertain World (Carolyn Raffensperger)
      3. Should We Be Pharming With Food Crops? (Thomas A. Lumpkin)
      4. The Philosophical Perplexities and Ethical Enigmas of Biotechnology: An Examination of the Regulatory Process in the United States (Paul C. Jepson)
      5. Reflective Discussion on Module V and NABC 15
  4. Luncheon & Dinner Addresses
    1. The Papaya Story: A Special Case or a Generic Approach? (Dennis Gonsalves)
    2. The Rise and Fall of NewLeaf Potatoes (Michael Thornton)
    3. Opportunities for and Challenges to Plant Biotechnology Adoption in Developing Countries (Gary Toenniessen)
  5. List of Participants