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NABC Report 14: Foods For Health: Integrating Agriculture, Medicine and Food for Future Health (2002)

  1. Conference Summary
    1. Highlights of NABC 14: Foods for Health (Carla Carlson)
    2. Perspectives (Lea Thompson)
    3. Applying Agriculture to Medicine: Therapeutics and Treatment (Rick E. Borchelt)
    4. Applying Agriculture to Health: Food to Prevent Disease (Michael D. Fernandez)
    5. Towards Healthy People: Lifestyles and Choices (Jean D. Kinsey)
    6. Dinner and Luncheon Addresses (Allan Eaglesham)
  2. Workshop Report
    1. Discussions on Treatment, Prevention and Consumer Choice (Carla Carlson)
  3. Perspectives
    1. Session 1: Keynote Addresses
      1. Diet-Related Chronic Diseases: Moving from Cause to Prevention (Shiriki Kumanyika)
      2. Technology Progression In Plants Used For Food and Medicine (Charles J. Arntzen)
    2. Session 2
      1. How to Approach the Regulatory Conundrum? (Gregory Jaffe)
      2. Genetically Engineered “Foods for Health”: Are We Asking the Right (Ethical) Questions? (Jeffrey Burkhardt)
      3. Are We Listening to Consumers on Diet and Health? (Susan Borra)
      4. Q&A (moderated by Lea Thompson)
  4. Dinner Addresses
    1. Back to the Future (Charles C. Muscoplat)
    2. The National Safety First Initiative (Anne Kapuscinski)
    3. Q&A
  5. Applying Agriculture To Medicine: Therapeutics And Treatment
    1. Why Medicine Needs Agriculture (Irwin L. Goldman)
    2. Botanicals as Therapeutics (Harry G. Preuss)
    3. Supplementing the Immune System with Plant-Produced Antibodies (Mich B. Hein)
    4. Q&A (moderated by Rick E. Borchelt)
  6. Applying Agriculture To Health: Food To Prevent Disease
    1. Where Do Functional Foods Fit in the Diet? (Clare Hasler)
    2. Can We Have Allergen-Free Foods? (Samuel B. Lehrer & Gary A. Bannon)
    3. The Role of Edible Vaccines (John A. Howard)
    4. Q&A (moderated by Michael D. Fernandez)
  7. Luncheon Addresses
    1. Supporting Comprehensive Foods for Health Research: A New Model (Mary Clutter)
    2. Our Healthy Future: The Global Context (George McGovern)
    3. Q&A
  8. Towards Healthy People: Lifestyles And Choice
    1. Wellness Trends in 2002 (Laurie Demeritt)
    2. Delivering on the Promise of Safe and Healthy Foods (Linda F. Golodner)
    3. Farmers as Consumers: Making Choices (William Horan)
    4. Q&A (moderated by Jean D. Kinsey)
  9. Conference Synthesis
    1. Moderator’s Overview (Jeffrey Kahn)
    2. Q&A
  10. Spotlight On Minnesota: Highlighting Innovation In Agriculture, Food And Medicine
    1. Session 1: Developments In Safe And Healthy Foods
      1. A Two-Pronged Approach: Food Safety and Nutritional Quality (Kati Fritz-Jung)
      2. Innovations for Safe Egg Products (Hershell Ball, Jr.)
      3. The Food Industry: Promoting Public Health (Susan Crockett)
      4. Consumer Impact on Nutritional Products (Steve Snyder & Roberta Rosenberg)
      5. Q&A (moderated by Charles C. Muscoplat)
    2. Session 2: Developments In Medicine And Health
      1. Targeted Nutrition in Health and Disease (Clarence Johnson)
      2. Genomics Education at the Mayo Clinic: A New Model for Data and Information (Mark Bolander)
      3. Integrative Medicine: Agriculture’s New Opportunity (Gregory A. Plotnikoff)
      4. The Center for Plants and Human Health: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Gary Gardner)
      5. Q&A (moderated by Frank Cerra)
  11. List of Participants

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