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NABC 13: Genetically Modified Food and the Consumer (2001)

  1. Meeting Summary
    1. High Anxiety and Biotechnology: Who’s Buying, Who’s Not, and Why?: An Overview (Steven G. Pueppke)
  2. Workshop Report
    1. The Great Agricultural Biotechnology Debates: Outcomes from the Workshops (Mary Ann Lila Smith and Colin Scanes)
  3. Session I: Lessons To Learn From
    1. Agricultural Biotechnology: Savior or Scourge? (Michael F. Jacobson)
    2. Frames for Public Discourse on Biotechnology (Napoleon K. Juanillo, Jr.)
    3. Lambasting Louis: Lessons from Pasteurization (Joseph H. Hotchkiss)
    4. An Agricultural Response to the Feeding Frenzy (Nancy F. Millis)
    5. The Genetically Modified Crop Debate in the Context of Agricultural Evolution (C.S. Prakash)
  4. Session II: Influencing The Consumer Lens
    1. Lessons from Risk Perception in Other Contexts (V. Kerry Smith)
    2. American Consumers’ Awareness and Acceptance of Biotechnology (Thomas J. Hoban)
    3. What You See Depends On How You Grind the Lens (Carol Tucker Foreman)
    4. Genetic Engineering and the Concept of the Natural (Mark Sagoff)
  5. Session III: Divergent Lenses Of Stakeholders
    1. A Farmer’s Perspective: Producing Food and Fiber for an Unforgiving World (David C. Erickson)
    2. A Scientist’s Perspective: the International Arena (Anatole F. Krattiger)
    3. What the EU Wants the US to Understand About European Biotech Imports (Antoine Van der haegen)
    4. The European Situation (Dirk-Arie Toet)
    5. Ethics and Genetically Modified Foods (Gary Comstock)
    6. The Food Industry (Susan Harlander)
    7. A Legal View: Promoting Product Stewardship and Regulation (Stanley H. Abramson)
  6. List Of Participants
  7. Appendix I Script For The Mock Debate (Mary Ann Lila Smith and Colin Scanes)
  8. Appendix IIPartisan Assessments Of Information Concerning Genetically Modified Foods: Preliminary Results (Albert C. Gunther and Kathleen Schmitt)