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NABC 12: The Biobased Economy of the 21st Century: Agriculture Expanding into Health, Energy, Chemicals, and Materials (2000)

  1. The Biobased Economy Of The Twenty-First Century: Agriculture Expanding Into Health, Energy, Chemicals, And Materials
    1. NABC 12: An Overview (William F. Brown)
  2. Workshop Reports
    1. Workshop A: Roles of Academia, Industry and Government (Maria Gallo-Meagher, Ricky Telg, Rosalia Simmen and Jeff Burkhard)
    2. Workshop B: Producer-Industry Relationships in a Biobased Economy (Mickie Swisher and Mike Fields)
    3. Workshop C: Food and Environmental Issues Associated with the Biobased Economy of the Twenty-First Century (Charles L. Guy, Tracy Irani and Dean Gabriel)
  3. Keynote Session: The Expanding Role For Agriculture In The Twenty-First Century
    1. James Woolsey: Hydrocarbons to Carbohydrates, The Strategic Dimension (James Woolsey)
    2. Ralph Nader: Changing the Nature of Nature: Corporate, Legal, and Ethical Fundamentals (description of the presentation) (Allan Eaglesham)
  4. Plenary Session I: Evolving Roles For Science, Technology, Business, Government, and Education In A Biobased Economy
    1. Biobased Industrial Products: Back to the Future for Agriculture (J. Gregory Zeikus)
    2. Sustainable Materials and Chemicals for the Next Generation (Robert Dorsch)
    3. The Department of Energy’s Contribution to the President’s Bioproduct and Bioenergy Initiative (Daniel W. Reicher)
    4. The USDA’s Contribution to the President’s Bioproduct and Bioenergy Initiative (Roger Conway)
    5. The Role of Land Grant Universities: Responsible Innovation (Patricia B. Swan)
    6. The Producer’s Role — Serf or Partner in the Biobased Economy? (Lynn Rundle)
    7. Financing the Development of Biobased Products (Roger Wyse)
  5. Plenary Session II: Issues Surrounding The Biobased Industry
    1. Ethics, Climate, and Risks (Henry Kelly)
    2. Bioethics Issues in a Biobased Economy (Paul B. Thompson)
    3. Climate Change and Agriculture (Cynthia Rosenzweig)
    4. How Many Ways Can We Skin This Cat Called Earth? Risks and Constraints to the Biobased Economy (Lois Levitan)
    5. Summary Presentation (Ann Thayer)
  6. List Of Participants