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NABC Report 9, Resource Management in Challenged Environments (1997)

  1. Resource Management in Challenged Environments
    1. NABC 9: An Overview and Plenary Session Highlights (J. D. Knight, R. E. Farrell, B. L. Harvey, and J. J. Germida)
    2. Workshop Recommendations
    3. NABC 9 Summary (Eugene Sander)
  2. Workshop Reports
    1. Biodiversity Conservation for Sustainable Agroecosystems (Marie Boehm and Bob Morgan)
    2. Regulatory and Economic Aspects of Accessing International Markets (David Howle and Brian Sim)
    3. Biotechnology and Social Issues in Rural Agricultural Communities (Larry Gutek and Brewster Kneen)
  3. Keynote Addresses
    1. Agricultural Biotechnology in the 21st Century: Promises and Pitfalls (Robert W. Herdt)
    2. Agricultural Biotechnology and Sustainable Development (Mark Winfield)
    3. Saskatoon’s Success as a Global Agricultural Biotechnology Center (Murray McLaughlin)
  4. Plenary Lectures
    1. Welcome and Charge to the Meeting (George E. Lee)
    2. Consumer Perspective (Rick Walter)
    3. Placing Several Eggs in Our Basket: Keeping Diversity in Agriculture (Raphaël Thierrin)
    4. An Industry Perspective (Joyce Groote)
    5. Biotechnology: Evolution or Revolution, Friend or Foe? (Sheila Forsyth)
    6. Food Security and the Role of Agricultural Research (Timothy Reeves, Per Pinstrup-Andersen and Rajul Pandya-Lorch)
  5. Workshop Speakers
    1. Issues in Agricultural Biotechnology and Biodiversity for Sustainable Agroecosystems (Brad Fraleigh)
    2. Biotechnology in the Maintenance and Use of Crop Genetic Diversity (Geoffrey Hawtin)
    3. Regulation and Economic Concerns for Canada’s Biotechnology Industry (W. H. Furtan, Holly Mayer and Frank Hart)
    4. Accessing International Markets (Margaret Gadsby)
    5. Biotechnology and Social Issues in Rural Agricultural Communities: Identifying the Issues (Michael E. Gertler)
    6. Farm Knowledge: Machines versus Biotechnology (Bob Stirlin)