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NABC Report 8, Agricultural Biotechnology: Novel Products and New Partnerships (1996)

  1. Agricultural Biotechnology: Novel Products and New Partnerships
    1. NABC 8: An Overview and Plenary Session Highlights (Peter R. Day and Laura Meaghe)
    2. Workshop Recommendations
    3. Tying It All Together (Paul Thompson)
  2. Workshop Reports
    1. Environment and Energy Industry (Barbara Byrne, Stephen Decter, Jean Mroczko, Judy Snow)
    2. Food Industry (Bill Lacy, Michael Lawton, Lynn Slifer, Lynne Watkins)
    3. Pharmaceutical Industry (Geetha Ghai, Dennis Doyle, Alan Laskin, Rick Walter)
  3. Keynote Addresses
    1. Biotechnology: Catalyst For Change In Agriculture (Kenneth A. Barton)
    2. Novel Crops and Other Transgenics: How Green Are They? (Rebecca Goldburg)
  4. Plenary Lectures
    1. Genetic Engineering of Flavor and Shelf Life In Fruits and Vegetables (David A. Evans)
    2. Plant Cell Culture Technology (M. Dianne Defuria)
    3. The Environmental and Energy Sector and Agricultural Biotechnology (Jeff Gain)
    4. The Public and Agricultural Biotechnology: Key Questions (Caron Chess)
    5. Journey To The Origin: Biological Integrity and Agriculture (Miriam Therese MacGillis)
    6. Crop Biotechnology In The Service of Medical and Veterinary Medicine (Charles J. Arntzen)
    7. Sludge, States Rights and Success (Ken Evans)
    8. Innovation, Industrial Development and The Regulation of Biotechnology (Martine Kraus)
    9. Constructing Food For Shareholder Value (Brewster Kneen)
    10. Protein Production in Transgenic Animals (Julian Cooper)
    11. Phytoremediation (Burt Ensley)
    12. Agricultural Biotechnology: A Farmer’s Perspective (Mary Lou Garr)