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NABC Report 1, Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture: Policy Alternatives (1989)

1. Introduction
2. Overview

3. Workshop Reports

  • BiopesticidesHerbicide Tolerance in Plants

  • Disease Control in Animals

  • Animal Growth Promotants

4. Keynote Addresses

Biotechnology, Sustainable Agriculture and the Family Farm
Charles Hassebrook

Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture: Policy Alternatives
Robert M. Goodman

5. Lectures

  1. Biopesticides: An Overview (Michael L. McManus)

  2. Biopesticides and the Environment (David Pimentel)

  3. Biopesticides and Economic Democracy (Jack Kloppenburg, Jr.)

  4. Economic Aspects of Boipesticides (Katherine Reichelderfer)

  5. Herbicide Resistance in Plants (Homer LeBaron)

  6. Should the Development of Herbicide- tolerant Plants be a Focus of Sustainable Agriculture Research? (Rebecca J. Goldburg)

  7. Is Genetically Engineered Herbicide-resistance (GEHR) Compatible with Low-input Sustainable Agriculture (LISA) ?
    (Gary Comstock)

  8. Potential Economic Ipact of Herbicide- resistant Corn (Loren Tauer)

  9. Disease Control in Animals (Stanley Curtis)

  10. Environmental, Health and Safety Issues (Gail Black)

  11. Biotechnology and Disease Control in Animals: Social and Ethical Issues (James B. Mason)

  12. Economic Aspects of Disease Control in Animals (James Kliebenstein, J. Arne Hallam)

  13. Somatotropins (R. Lee Baldwin)

  14. Environmental, Human and Target Animal Safety Issues of Animal Growth Promotants (Norman C. Steele, Robert G. Zimbleman)

  15. Growth Promotants (Eric O. Hoiberg, Gordon Bultena, Peter Nowak)

  16. Impact of Animal Growth Promotants on the Dairy Industry (Robert J. Kalter)

  17. Impact of Animal Growth Promotants on the Meat Industry (Marvin L. Hayenga, Brian L. Buhr)

6. Reports

  • NABC Members Report

  • NABC Joyce Fellows Report

7. Participants