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NABC Reports:

NABC Report 27: Stewardship for the Sustainability of Genetically Engineered Crops:The Way Forward in Pest Management,Coexistence, and Trade
NABC Report 26: New DNA-Editing Approaches: Methods, Applications
and Policy for Agriculture (2014)
NABC Report 25: Biotechnology and North American Specialty Crops: Linking Research, Regulation, and Stakeholders (2013)
NABC Report 24: Water Sustainability in Agriculture (2012)
NABC Report 23:Food Security: The Intersection of Sustainability, Safety and Defense (2011)
NABC Report 22: Promoting Health by Linking Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition (2010)
NABC Report 21: Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change (2009)
NABC Report 20: Reshaping American Agriculture to Meet its Biofuel and Biopolymer Roles (2008)
NABC Report 19: Agricultural Biofuels: Technology, Sustainability, and Profitability (2007)
NABC Report 18: Agricultural Biotechnology: Economic Growth Through New Products, Partnerships and Workforce Development (2006)
NABC Report 17: Agricultural Biotechnology: Beyond Food and Energy to Health
and the Environment (2005)
NABC Report 16: Agricultural Biotechnology: Finding Common International Goals (2004)
NABC Report 15: Biotechnology: Science and Society at a Crossroad (2003)
NABC Report 14: Foods For Health: Integrating Agriculture, Medicine and Food
for Future Health (2002)
NABC Report 13: Genetically Modified Food and the Consumer (2001)
NABC Report 12: The Biobased Economy of the 21st Century: Agriculture Expanding into Health, Energy, Chemicals, and Materials (2000)
NABC Report 11: World Food Security and Sustainability: The Impact of Biotechnology
and Industrial Consolidation (1999)
NABC Report 10: Agricultural Biotechnology and Environmental Quality: Gene Escape and Pest Resistance (1998)
NABC Report 9: Resource Management in Challenged Environments (1997)
NABC Report 8: Agricultural Biotechnology: Novel Products and New Partnerships (1996)
NABC Report 7: Genes for the Future: Discovery, Ownership, Access (1997)
NABC Report 6: Agricultural Biotechnology & the Public Good (1994)
NABC Report 5:
Agricultural Biotechnology: A Public Conversation About Risk (1993)
NABC Report 4: Animal Biotechnology: Opportunities & Challenges (1992)
NABC Report 3: Agricultural Biotechnology at the Crossroads
Biological Social & Institutional Concerns(1991)
NABC Report 2: Agricultural Biotechnology, Food Safety and Nutritional Quality for the Consumer (1990)  
NABC Report 1: Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture: Policy Alternatives (1989)
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