Don Albrecht
Dept. of Rural Sociology
Special Services Bldg.
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2125
Fuller Bazer
Animal Science Dept.
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-0691
David Berkowitz
HF-6 5600 Fishers Lane,Rm 11-64
Rockville, MD 20857
Patel Bharat
14th & Independence Ave. SW
Room 4911, S Building
Washington, DC 20250
Frans W. A. Brom
A. Schelfhoutstraat 29hs
1058 HR
Linda Bullard
Coordinator for Genetic Engineering Policy
The European Parliament
Rue Belliard B-1047
Brussels, Belgium
Bruce Bullock
2-44 Agriculture
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
Lawrence Busch
Dept. of Sociology
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1111

Bees Butler
Dept. of Ag. Economics
University of California
Davis, CA 95616
Aubrey Cartwright
Dept. of Poultry Science
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2472
Andres de la Concha
Ag. Research & Ext. Svc.
Texas A&M University
7887 N Highway 87
San Angelo, TX 7690
Kate Clancy
CHD 34 Slocum Hall
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244
Gary Comstock
Dept. of Philosophy
Iowa State University
403 Ross Hall
Ames, IA 50011
Martha Crouch
Dept. of Biology
Indiana University
142 Jordan Hall Bloomington, IN 47405
Peter Dunn
1158 Entomology Hall
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1158
Lee Ellis
Dept. of Sociology
Minot State University
Minot, ND 58701
Dennis Erpelding
Elanco Animal Health
1901 L Street, Suite 705
Washington, DC 20036

Frank Fair
Division of Psychology & Philosophy
Sam Houston StateUniversity
Huntsville, TX 77341
Antonio Fernandez
Oklahoma State University/
104-6 N. University Place, #6
Stillwater, OK 74075
Neal First
Dept. of Meat & Animal Science
752 Animal Sciences Bldg.
Madison, WI 5370
Ted Friend
Animal Science
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2471
Jeff Goodwin
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2124
Ralph W.F. Hardy, President
Boyce Thompson Institute
Tower Road
Ithaca, NY 14853
Holly Hazard
Doris Day Animal League
900 Second Street
Washington, DC 20002

Edwin Hettinger
Dept. of Philosophy
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC 29424
Dale Jamieson
Dept. of Philosophy
University of Colorado
Campus Box 232, Helems 182
Boulder, CO 80309
Daniel Jones
Vet Medicine, Physiology and Pharmacology
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843
Tom Kasari
Vet Medicine, Large Animal Medicine
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843
Brewster Kneen
125 Highfield Road
Toronto, Ontario M4L 2V4
Michael Linskins
Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals
P.O. Box 85g80 2508 CR.
The Hague Netherlands
June Fessenden MacDonald
Deputy Director, NABC
159 Biotechnology Bldg.
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-2703
Martin McGregor, Esq.
Botts and Baker
910 Louisiana
Houston, TX 70002-4995
Margaret Mellon
Nat’l. Biotech Policy Center Nat’l. Wildlife Federation
1400 Sixteenth St., NW
Washington, DC 20036
Robert Merrifield
Directors Office
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2147
George Murphy
Taraval Associates
1220 University Dr., Ste. 204
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Robert Oltjen
Asst. Deputy Administrator
Animal Sciences National Program Staff
Rm 134, Bldg 005-BARC-W
Beltsville, MD 20705
Bernard E. Rollin
Dept. of Philosophy
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523
Koushik Seetharaman
Soil & Crop Sciences
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2474
George J. Seidel
Dept. of Physiology
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523
Scott Shore
NC Dept. of Agriculture
216 West Jones Street P.O. Box 27647
Raleigh, NC 27611
Doreen Stabinsky
Dept. of Plant Pathology
University of California
Davis, CA 95616
John J. Sullivan
American Breeders Service
6908 River Road
De Forest, WI 53532
Gary Varner
Biotech Policy Center
Texas A&M University
329 Bell Bldg.
College Station, TX 77843-4355
Curt Youngs
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011
Robert Zimbelman
American Society of Animal Sciences
9650 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20814