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The North American Agricultural Biotechnology Council has been hosting annual public meetings about the safe, ethical, and efficacious development of agricultural biotechnology products since its formation by the Boyce Thompson Institute in collaboration with Cornell University, Iowa State University, and the University of California-Davis in 1988.

Today the organization, a not-for-profit consortium of twenty leading agricultural research and teaching universities/ governmental agencies/ institutions in the U.S. and Canada, continues to provide all stakeholders the opportunity to speak, to listen, and to learn about the issues surrounding agricultural biotechnology.



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It is with sadness that we write to inform you that NABC President Ralph W.F. Hardy passed away peacefully on Tuesday, August 2, 2016.  Ralph was a key figure in creating the National Agricultural Biotechnology Council (now the North American Agricultural Biotechnology Council) in 1988 and in leading it ever since.  He was a pioneer in nitrogen fixation research and noted for developing the acetylene reduction assay for nitrogenase activity.  His career included positions as an assistant professor at the University of Guelph, Director of Life Sciences at DuPont, President of Biotechnica, and President and CEO of the Boyce Thompson Institute at Cornell University.   Ralph was dynamic and visionary, especially in the area of biotechnology.  He firmly believed that public policy must be based on the best science, and he always encouraged dialogue that included diverse points of view.  Ralph made sure that these principles guided NABC throughout the course of his service to the organization. 

Ralph’s family and the NABC leadership encourage memorial donations to be directed to the Alliance for Science (, an initiative that “seeks to promote access to scientific innovation as a means of enhancing food security, improving environmental sustainability and raising the quality of life globally.” For checks and online donations, please include "In memory of Ralph W.F. Hardy" in the comment section.

Michael Kahn, Washington State University
NABC Chair, 2015-2016

Karin Wittenberg, University of Manitoba
NABC Chair, 2016-2017 607-254-4856 Fax-254-8680